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    Hope and Grace International

    A Disciple making, church planting movement

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    Hope and Grace International

    A Disciple making, church planting movement

Hope & Grace International

A Church Planting, Disciple Making Movement

Helping South Sudan Refugees In Their Time Of Desperate Need

The UN’s refugee agency, UNHCR, says almost 600,000 South Sudanese refugees have arrived in Uganda since the civil war broke out in December 2013. Almost 400,000 of them have come since July 2016, fleeing an upsurge in fighting and indiscriminate bloodletting. An average of 2,500 have been arriving every day since July, with that figure as high as 7,000 on some days. This great tragedy that is unfolding in South Sudan has compelled us to get more deeply involved in ministry to refugees, meeting basic human needs with, feeding, clothing, medicine, shelter and a message of hope. We are focusing our help on widows, orphans the elderly and pastors and their families.

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Creative Gospel Outreaches That Bring Life And Hope

Since 1998 we have been bringing a message of faith and hope to the people of South Sudan. Thousands of lives have been transformed and put on a path of hope. We have seen over 160,000 women, men and children pray to receive Christ through village Healing and Jesus Film Festivals and school assemblies. Now we are focusing on a personal evangelism and disciple making movement that we believe will be multiplied throughout the various tribes.

Liberating women to live up to their potential

Women in the tribal cultures of Africa are among the world’s most oppressed people. We are working to change cultural attitudes that give women very little personal rights and that often force women into a life that is no more than a domestic slave. We are advocating for women’s justice.

Letting the Children Come to Jesus

The children suffer so much because of war and there are countless orphans who so willingly come to Jesus and need our help.